Future Technologies Ltd., Al Khubar, Saudi Arabia
Future Technologies Ltd., Al Khubar, Saudi Arabia

Future Technologies Ltd., Al Khubar, Saudi Arabia

Established In: Jan 1993
No. of Employees: 14

About Future Technologies Ltd. Saudi Arabia

  • Future Technologies Ltd. (Takneat) was established in 1993 in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The company starts its business as a reseller, offering off the shelf scientific, CAD and engineering software then develop its business to be a distributor for a number of professional CAD and Engineering Solutions
    including Hardware and software sales and services, Takneat has the privilege and the experience with major technical hardware and software installations among reputed Government and Private Organizations.

    Takneat represents reputed developers of engineering and scientific software companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries e.g. ETAP. With our valued customers base we maintained a close relation with Engineering Consultants, Manufacturing, Utility, Oi&Gas Petrochemical companies as well as Universities and Educational institutions for this product line.

    Vision :
    We strive to be one of the largest national companies specialized in engineering systems and integrated systems.

    Mission :
    We invest our human and financial resources and our global excellence in creating jobs and new national projects in order to actively contribute to the development and scientific and technical development levels.
  • Values

    Customers: Satisfaction is our priorities

    Honesty, truthfulness and preservation of the rights of clients


    The credit we seek to boost and maintain

    Efficiency & effectiveness:
    Prompt response and execution with high quality care

    Creativity and innovation:
    The continued distinctiveness

    Team Spirit:
    We are at one man heart

Jobs in Future Technologies Ltd.

Electrical Engineer Al Khubar, Saudi Arabia

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